Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leisure Mall 1/2 day trip

After class this morning,
went for badminton and gym
Seldom exercise since I came to KL
I started do more exercise to stay healthy XD

In the afternoon,
Joined my housemates to go Leisure Mall
Had our brunch at 面对面 =)
Here are some pictures

After that, had a window shopping in leisure mall
I didn't buy anything, they did..
I'm lack of money right now

Can the sky drop some CASH for me?!


Went to Pavilion on Valentine's day
Considered as a single valentine
because I celebrated it with a gang of single friends
Not with my partner =)

Kinda different feeling to celebrate Valentine with friends
This is the first time I celebrated it at KL
So enjoyed and happy ^^

Saw many couples at Pavilion
Holding Roses, Balloons, Bears
The atmosphere was full of LOVE!!
Red and Pink everywhere!!

Bought MOCHI at Tokyo street
First time trying on it
Not bad but expensive
RM4 for a piece

we went to have supper outside of Pavilion

Gossip until almost 12am..
Next, they decided to go for 2nd round
Snowflakes (outside of sg.wang)
But closed~

So, we just went for a walk at BB and took some pictures
Went home at 1:30am

What a wonderful Valentine ^^

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I-city 28-12-2011

Went to I-city in last December
But I have forgotten to write a post on it..

Actually there was nothing special there,
not interesting at all
Just enjoyed the night scenery
with colorful lights and some X'Mas decorations

So, only took some pictures and went home after almost 2 hours

Photo session :
That's all for that day..

New shoes

My aunt bought me a pair of high-heeled shoes for CNY in this year
Gucci.. I love it!!
The design is simple but elegant
This is my first branded high-heeled
Appreciate it a lot..

Thanks, Aunty Jen!!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Oh no!!
It's holiday again!!

Wednesday, 1/2/2012
KL public holiday
(kind of Federal holiday)

Monday, 6/2/2012
Prophet Muhammad's Birthday is on 5/2/2012
So replace holiday on Monday

Tuesday, 7/2/2012
Thaipusam Day

So many holidays,
where should I go??
Shopping? I have already no money to shop..
Movie? Not really in the mood..

So just stay at home
Sleep n play computer
That's all...

Dragon CNY

Just visited to few relatives and friends house during this CNY
Because I have no enough time
My holidays was so short, only 1 week

23/1/2012 & 24/1/2012
Visit to my father's side on chor 1
and my mother's side on chor 2
Get Big angpows on the first two days..
Went for "I Love Hong Kong 2012" on chor 2 afternoon,
together with my dear, his mom, his uncle and one of his friend

On chor 3, visit to other relatives house again
and watched "Viral factor" with my dear at night
Then we went to Paparich for tea

Visit to dear friend's house on chor 4..
All of them are from ST.Thomas and MGS last time
Luckily I know most of them,
if not, I'll be boring like hell~
Play cards and chit-chat with them

Afternoon went for gathering with my friends
Then stayed at home during night time,
work out for my assignments

Went to visit my 6A1 classmates
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go all of their house included my teacher's house
Because my relatives came to my house for dinner at night

Came back to KL on yesterday
My CNY end!!
I had the most boring CNY in this year

Monday, January 16, 2012

New look in CNY

Change my hair style in this 2012
Want a new look since long time ago
Cut my hair a little bob on top,
and below hair short..

Is it nice and suitable for me?
I think 50% yes~
Consider to make my hair temporary curly in this coming CNY
Maybe it will be nicer

I'm going back on this Friday after class
Can't wait to meet all my family members and Friends!!
CNY is around the corner!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Someone special

I'm so luckily because
I'm in the same class with someone
in last semester and also this semester
He's so handsome and smart..

At first semester,
I didn't notice about him
until my friend told me that he's one of the winner of Astro Star Quest 2010
He got No.5 in the competition..

His name is Alvin Gan 颜伟伦
We were classmate for Introduction to Public Relations in last semester
and now we are classmate for Introduction to Public Speaking
Idk why am I So happy?!

His English is so fluent
Admire of him,
My new IDOL!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Shopping time

Went to Sunway Pyramid today..
Bought some dress again
A tight dress from Kitchen brand,
A lace dress from Forever 21,
A short pant from Romp,
A polo tee from P&Co.,
and a polo tee from PDI (for my dear)

I really can't get out of those attraction
Everywhere shows "DISCOUNT xx%"
Cause my heart and hand so itchy,
keep buying and buying..

Last, when I checked my purse again,
I know I had reach my limit
I have no enough money to buy some more
Okay... finally stop!!

Luckily I bring not much money to shop
Thanks god...
Gonna cut down my expenses again

Shopping is woman's natural instinct
No wonder man is the one who scare and frighten
when they go shopping with woman..
Hahaha ^^

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry X'mas

I felt sorry because I'm inactive with my blog..
Idk what to write sometimes
And there is nothing special happen recently

In this two months holidays,
Mostly I spend my time doing nothing
Just went for a part-time job as a promoter in Carrefour
Selling Nespray Fortified milk powder

I am lazy all the time
Didn't even touch a book during this holidays
And now,
holidays are going to end
but I feel void deeply in my heart
I have wasted my holidays..

I'm going back for new semester on next week,
and will be home on CNY,
as usual my family will go shopping in KL before CNY
buying new year clothes and some stuffs
Feeling pretty good each time we go shopping!!

today is Christmas Day
but I'm not going anywhere coz I'm sick again..
So just stay at home and be a fool

Anyway I wish all of my friends & their family

"Merry X'mas and Happy New Year"
May all your wishes come true~
God bless u

warmest regard,
ee hui